Attracting Twitter Followers & Day 4 Blog Challenge

Today’s assignment for the Blog challenge was to analyze another blog. I chose to not so much analyze a blog even though I have been following several for many months now. I’d rather just mention Social Media Examiner. I have read so many of their articles and have used some of their posts in mine. They have great tips and recommendations about social media networking and blogging.

I also wanted to use today’s post for a subject I touched on a day or two ago. I mentioned I didn’t tweet my latest posts right away and I had reasons for that. I was working on getting more local followers on Twitter and had tweeted about my new social media networking services and the new web page I had created.  The thinking there is those are the first tweets potential followers will read. They will see immediately what I do and where my focus is, to better help them choose if they wish to follow me.

I have now caught up with my blog challenge post tweets although I normally don’t like to send that many tweets back to back. As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I tweet they go to Facebook and Linkedin as well.

Perhaps I over-think all of this. Time will tell.

See Please Let Me Know You Noticed Me! Challenge – Day 5.

Written by Laura on August 26, 2010

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