Day 1 of the 31 Days Blog Challenge

Today is Day 1 of the 31 day blog challenge. We are taking weekends off so this will actually run through October! When all is said and done, I’ll make a separate link to keep all these posts together. I’m sure it will be helpful down the road.

I’m very excited about the blog challenge, not just because I will learn great blogging tips that I can share with all of you, but also because my Mastermind group is joining in the challenge as well.  BTW – great advice from the MM group earlier today. I always look forward to our meetings. We have a great group.

Today’s blog challenge assignment is to write an elevator pitch. What is your blog about? It can be as short as a tagline or can be a few sentences. Do you have one for your blog? If I land on your blog, do I immediately know what it’s about? I have ‘Web Design & Social Media Networking’ in the header image on mine but now I realize I should have more.

Perhaps it needs a little tweaking, but this is what I have right now (see below). I’ll see if I get some feedback from the members at 31 Days Blog Challenge. btw – You can still sign-up and participate along with all of us – it’s not too late!

Follow along as I share tips and tricks on blogging & social media networking.
Together we’ll learn to truly appreciate this great new way to connect!

What do you think? Does that grab you? Should I go with it?

Happy Blogging!

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Written by Laura on August 23, 2010

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