Do You Call Them Sneeze Pages?

I don’t particularly like the term Sneeze Page but it’s the topic for Day 18 of the Blog Challenge so I’ll explain a little and I’ll create one.  I decided early on during this challenge that I would pull out the posts about better blogging into their own section of my blog, making them easier to find for new and apprehensive bloggers.

So you will find a new link to a page with all the links to the posts about blogging. But why do you want to use a sneeze page? The idea behind a sneeze page is to send readers in different directions on your blog. If you have been blogging a couple years or more, you could have hundreds of posts and most of those posts will be buried in the archives, never to be found again. So why not create a new page about a specific topic your blog often focuses on and link all those posts on that page? Several pages dedicated to specific topics will help with search engine optimization because, as we learned earlier in this blog challenge, search engines like links and that includes links within your blog or website.

You can create sneeze pages around a popular theme, as I will do with the better blogging theme. You could also make a time-related sneeze page such as “best of” posts, perhaps for a whole year. This might be the posts that received the most visitors or comments for that particular year.

Don’t forget to promote your sneeze page by prominently positioning it on your blog in the navigation menu, sidebar, or some other hot-spot. Occasionally sharing the link via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn could also garner new visitors to your blog who may then become loyal followers.

Check out my navigation bar with Better Blogging first after the Home link. In a blog, these links are different than a normal website. Except for the Home link, they are all Category listings. That means every time I write a post, I assign it a category, which is designated in my blog’s database. The code behind the link text tells the page to display any post assigned that category. I may assign more than one category to some posts, in which case the article will show up on more than one page. The Home page shows all posts in chronological order.

Besides Better Blogging, I also have pages (categories) for Facebook Fun, LinkedIn Logic, Twitter Tips, Social Media, Web Design, and Misc. I guess you could say I created several sneeze pages. I think I’ll just call them category pages. That makes more sense to me.

What do you call your pages? Do you have them setup the same way or do you use a different method? I’d love to see your comments.

Written by Laura on November 7, 2010

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