Do You Use a Calendar to Organize Blog Posts?

Building on yesterday’s task of creating a list of at least 10 blog post ideas, I’d like to suggest you setup a blogging calendar. I know, I know, when I first heard someone mention they use a calendar to keep track of topics for their blog, I thought that sounded like a crazy waste of time. But today’s blog challenge task was just that; I was instructed to setup a calendar. I chose to do it with a Google calendar and I think it was a good choice. I actually did this several days ago (I cheated and worked ahead) and it’s working out pretty slick. I even get an email to remind me of what I should be writing about. How cool is that?

I’ve used Google calendars in a few websites so I’m familiar with how they work but it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never used one. It’s quick and easy to get up to speed. To setup a calendar, go to and find the More link at the top. From there, you will find Calendar in the More drop-down menu. If you already have a Google calendar, you can simply add another for this purpose or perhaps you can use the same calendar. If you don’t yet have a calendar with Google, follow the basic steps to setup an account, do a bit of reading and exploring and you’ll be set to go in no time. You can setup a calendar with any email address. You don’t need a gmail account. So check that out.

You might still be shaking your head and wondering why you want to take the time to setup a calendar, so let me give you a couple good reasons, according to our Pro-Blogger author friend Darren. When you glance at your calendar, you may realize your blog has become lopsided; you may be writing about the same subject too often. Gee – do you think I’m guilty of that the last couple weeks? I have an excuse right now, don’t you think? But I will try to mix it up a bit soon and I thank you for your patience.

You may decide you want to write on a particular subject each week. I’m thinking I might do something like writing about Facebook on Mondays, Linkedin on Tuesdays, Twitter on Wednesdays, Blogging on Thursdays, and good copy-writing on Fridays. I said I might – I have to noodle on that a bit. It’s just a thought at this time but it might be a really neat way to keep my blog more interesting and help my readers know what they can expect from me. You could do the same. Of course, you don’t need to write every day. Perhaps you have a subject for Mon, Wed, Fri. Be consistent and your readers will be satisfied.

That’s just a couple reasons to use a blogging calendar. Have I gotten you interested enough to give it a try? Set one up, and have fun with it. I know it will help you organize your thoughts and better prepare. Remember the calendar is just for you. You can move things around and change it up whenever you want. Nothing is set in stone. I’ll report back after I’ve been using mine a few months.

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Written by Laura on September 7, 2010

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