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Here we are on Day 3 of our fabulous better blog challenge and it’s already promotion day! Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I get a promotion, but then I’m already head blog-writer and bottle-washer around here. No, no – promotion, as in promoting our blogs.

Shortly after I started this blog, I began promoting it. Sadly, after several months I have few readers. But does that keep me from writing? Well, heck no! I am confident that some day I will be appreciated and all this slaving away at the keyboard will pay off. Seriously, as you know (the few of you who have been following along), I write with my future readers and clients in mind. My purpose is to share and teach and truthfully, it’s a lot of fun!

On to my tips for today. I have used TweetMeme for several months now. It’s a neat little WordPress add-on that puts a button at the end of each post and connects to Twitter. When I am ready to spread the joy, I click the Tweet button and off it goes to Twitter-land. The beauty of the button is I have total control and I LOVE control. I tweet when I’m ready. In fact, I have not yet tweeted Day 1 or 2 of the blog challenge. I will do those later today. I have a reason for doing it this way — that is another blog post – stay tuned.

I also have my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts connected to Twitter so when I tweet, the tweet also posts to FB and LI for all my friends and business partners to see. It’s awesome, especially when they help me out and Like my post so their friends can see it.

I also have a RSS feed of my posts on the home page of my web site with buttons for Faceook, Stumble It, comment, and email. These are all quick ways for my readers to spread my words, as well. Now isn’t that cool?

I wanted to try one of the suggestions from Darren’s book so I specifically asked my BNI members to visit my blog at our weekly Wednesday morning meeting. And I further asked them to tweet or Like my posts so perhaps soon I will have more readers and I will feel like I have arrived! It’s all in our own perception, you know.

One more thing about Tweetmeme is that the little tweet button is out there for anyone to use. I asked BNI members to comment on my blog and if they are already on Twitter, they can use the tweet button to share with their followers. This is how the news spreads and we become famous.

Please help me become famous, at least in my little part of the world. :-)

Questions and comments are welcome. Please click on the comments link below and a little form will appear where you can type away. Thank you!

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Written by Laura on August 25, 2010

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