7 Simple Steps to Make Facebook Safe & Customer Friendly

Even if you are just using Facebook primarily for business, you still need to take a few basic steps to keep your information safe and your time on Facebook worry-free.

1. Use a secure password –
– At least 8 characters
– Use a combination of upper and lowercase letters
– Adding a special character such as * or & will add a lot of security
– Don’t use words that are found in the dictionary
– Don’t use your birthdate

2. Don’t let your birth year show in your profile –
– If your birth year is showing, go to your Profile, click on the Info tab and Edit the About Me section. Choose Show only month and day in profile

3. While you are there, consider not choosing the year you graduated high school. Identity thieves know how to add and subtract and could figure out your birth year.

4. Use your privacy settings. You are posting about your business so you want everyone to see your posts, but not everyone needs to see your political or religious views.

5. Don’t announce when you will be on vacation or traveling for business. There will be times when you want to highlight your trip to an important seminar or trade show. But jaunts up north or out west with the family don’t need to be announced.

6. Avoid being political. You risk alienating potential customers or clients. You’re never sure who is reading your posts.

7. Finally – Don’t post something you may regret 6 months or a year from now. Always, Always, Always Remember – I can’t say this often enough – you have no control over Facebook.  Facebook controls Facebook. If you want control over your posts, start a blog. If you hate something you posted 6 months ago, you can delete from your blog!

Written by Laura on November 2, 2010

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