Attitude is Everything

I recently read Attitude is Everything, a book by Jeff Keller which has led me to realize why I can't run and have never been good at sports. Well, I at least now know part of the reason why. In his book, Mr. Keller explains the impact of self-talk on our attitude and thinking.

I was told at a young age that I ran funny, so all my life I told myself I can't run fast and I'm not good at sports. Of course being picked nearly last for any team at recess or in phy ed class didn't help matters either.

Attitude is Everything book cover

Okay - I get it. Physical ability does play a role and some people are more gifted than others. But what if I had told myself I'm a good runner and I can hit the softball and make it to 1st base before the ball? What if I had someone to encourage me and help me believe I could do it?

Mr. Keller is a former attorney, now motivational speaker who changed his attitude and changed his life. When he decided to leave his profession to pursue other avenues, he explains his mom was not happy with him. In her mind, it wasn't as cool and she liked to tell people her son was a lawyer. Jeff writes, "You have to face the fact that some people will disapprove of your decision". Isn't that true of so many things we do in life? Far too many students at college campuses around the world are there because their parents want them to attend. Or they may be working on a degree to follow in their parents' footsteps but aren't truly happy. Or perhaps you start a new business and it's out of the ordinary; it's not what friends and family expect. That doesn't make it wrong. Face the fact they may never approve and do what is right for you.

Our words play a huge role in shaping our attitude. Not only self-talk, but how we talk to others daily. Consider your response to 'Hello, how are you?' According to Mr. Keller, when you give a highly positive response such as 'I'm doing great' or 'Super', you will feel you are doing great or having a super day! A mediocre or negative response will trigger mediocre or negative feelings in your mind.

Jeff quotes the axiom "Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are". There is a lot of truth and wisdom in that simple sentence. Toxic, negative people will bring you down. Co-workers who complain about the job or the boss are to be avoided. Don't have lunch with people who you know will put negative thoughts into your head. If you have negative friends, find new ones. You don't have to make a big deal about it. Just try to involve them less in your life. Fill your time with positive friends and family. Jeff says you can try to help people change but most often that doesn't work. Simply don't go out of your way to be involved with negative family members and friends.

We create mental images in our mind that form our attitudes and thinking. Some images are created when we are young, as was my case with running and athletic ability. But many attitudes are gained throughout life as we encounter different experiences. That was the case for me with network marketing. I had tried many companies and failed with many companies. But each failure should be a learning experience. I thought past experiences had taught me to never try network marketing again. Instead they taught me to get involved with the right network marketing company. A company that exudes positivity in its products and its people! A new, improved form of network marketing.

I now highly recommend Attitude is Everything to everyone I talk to. It is included in the Life Leadership Corporate Launching a Leadership Revolution series designed for business people who want to improve employee relations and leadership skills. It's an easy-read with only 128 pages. It will have you saying, "ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!"

Written by Laura on March 16, 2015

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