40 Posts of Lent

As you probably know, tomorrow, March 5 is the beginning of Lent. At church this past Sunday we were given a sheet of paper with information about Lent and some suggestions for things to do or not do (the traditional 'giving-up' things) from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. In the Almsgiving section, one item in particular caught my eye. 'I will leave an encouraging or positive comment on a different Facebook page each day of Lent.'

As part of my business, I try to post positive comments for other business people so this is perfect for me. I thought about it a bit more and decided, yes, it's a commitment, but I will do it. So on Sunday afternoon I posted on Facebook that I would do this and if anyone had a suggestion for a page, they should let me know. One person responded and it was at that point I knew this was definitely meant to be. More on that in a minute.

I decided I'd write on all my clients' Facebook business pages (or their personal page if they don't have a business page) - 1 each day - so I made a list. The list filled up my 40 days, as I knew it would. Now what? I want to write on more than just my clients' pages. Ok - I'll do 2 posts per day, 1 on a client's page and 1 on another page. Twice the work but that's ok. It's a good thing.

This is where you come in. If you are my client, you know I will write something on your Facebook page one day between now and Easter, April 20. If there is something you are promoting for your business at this time, let me know and I will comment on it. If you'd like to suggest another page to me, you can do that too. It can be a business or a non-profit organization.

If you are not my client, you can also suggest a page to me. It can be your page or another business or non-profit you would like me to promote.

Now back to the person who commented on my Facebook post on Sunday asking me to post on her page. It was Elise Cantrell, author of 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. How perfect is that? 40 Days of Lent. 40 Days to Enlightened Eating? That is why I said I knew this was the right thing to do. Elise and I connected on Facebook when she was a guest on The Biz Connection Radio Show. I created and update the website for the Biz Connection as well as post on social media about the show and guests. I purchased Elise's book after listening to her on the show. It is a really good book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get healthy and learn about good, healthy eating.

The client page was also an easy pick. I will post on the St. Isidore Parish page, my church where I got the idea to do this and also my client - I made and update their website. Easy choices.

I urge you to like my Facebook page (facebook.com/websbywagner) and keep up with the posts I put on the other pages. Please like their pages as well. Let's share the love and support! And let me know if you decide to do this too. Anyone can join in. It'll be fun!

Written by Laura on March 4, 2014


My Clients


1 St. Isidore Parish   40 Days to Enlightened Eating
  Day 1 of Lent - Ash Wednesday. Covenant to Keep a Holy Lent was handed out at church on Sunday. One of the things I chose is 'I will leave an encouraging or positive comment on a different Facebook page each day of Lent.' I've actually decided to do 2 posts each day on a business page. Today it is here and 40 Days to Enlightened Eating - a book by Elise Cantrell. It's all about eating healthy. You start by getting through your first 40 days. What better time to start than day 1 of Lent! I'm revisiting the book and eating extremely healthy during Lent. I invite everyone to write something awesome and encouraging on Facebook pages or profiles and eat healthy during this holy season. And let me know if you're joining me. The more the merrier!   Day 1 of Lent - Ash Wednesday. What better time to start 40 Days to Enlightened Eating than day 1 of Lent?! I read the book nearly a year ago and found it encouraging and extremely helpful. I had already begun my healthy eating journey so the book reinforced what I was already doing. Had I not begun, I think the book would have been a real eye-opener! I'm revisiting the book and eating extremely healthy during Lent. I invite everyone to jump over to Amazon to pick up the Kindle version and get started today! It's totally worth your time. And if you get started but slip a little, that's ok. You'll want to get back to healthier eating because you feel so much better.

2 Fox Valley Wellness Center   Exchange Bank Coffeehouse
  Day 2 of #40postsoflent - My 1st appointment with Dr. Meress and the team at Fox Valley Wellness Center-Midwest Hyperbarics was almost a year ago. I found them on the web because they were doing a weight loss program and I couldn't lose a pound no matter what I tried. I thought I was eating healthy & should lose weight if I stayed away from desserts and junk food and carbs. Turned out I couldn't do their weight loss program but instead Dr. Meress said 'no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no eggs'. I stopped eating all of them for 3 months. I also learned I was allergic to those foods and a few others so now I avoid them most of the time. Dr. Meress also tested my thyroid function and put me on medication for that. Headaches, skin problems, achy joints and menopause issues are all gone when I eat properly. Down 40 lbs. and so many other issues fixed, I continue with the much healthier way of eating. Do I stick to it all the time? NO! But as long as I'm good most of the time I feel much healthier. It amazes me how the food I was eating was causing most of my problems.   Day 2 of #40postsoflent - I'm not even a coffee drinker and I love to go to Exchange Bank Coffeehouse. Great food and drink (cappuccino for me), great service, great people. I work from home so I often use the coffeehouse for a meeting place. With free WiFi when we need to look at a website, it's  a great place to go for a little business meeting or just hang out. I love the vault! Hope to meet you there one day. 

3 Focus Physical Therapy   Novo Counseling
  Day 3 of #40postsoflent - We'll stick with the healthy theme today. Most people go to a physical therapist after an accident, injury, or surgery. I started going over 3 years ago and continue as needed for the tight muscles in my back and neck caused by too many hours at the computer. While I was chatting with Peggy Huhn (owner of Focus Physical Therapy, LLC) about the content for her website, I realized she could probably help me. I'm really glad I did their website because I really didn't know much about PT before then. If I would have even thought it was an option for me, I probably would have thought it was too expensive. It's not.   Day 3 of #40postsoflent - Another post on the healthy theme but this time it's mental health. When I first met Dione Gisch several years ago I didn't really know what a psychotherapist is. Now I understand much better what Dione and her associates at Novo Counseling do. She is passionate about her work and helping anyone who seeks counseling. Check out her specialties at http://novocounseling.com

4 Bodyworks Therapeutics   Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation
  Day 4 of #40postsoflent - Karen does an awesome massage. She's very experienced and really good at what she does. I'd recommend her to anyone in the Madison area. Even though she's really great at massage, I think her true passion is yoga. She's a great instructor whether in a class setting or individual coaching. Find more info about Karen and her classes on her website   Day 4 of #40postsoflent - Dr. Boll and I connected on Facebook over a year ago. He later was a guest on The Biz Connection Radio Show. David is doing a great job growing his business in rural Sheboygan County. He used his background as a chiropractor and passion for athletes and training to start his business and grow to 2 locations. Check out his FB page and his website for more info.

5 Millhome Supper Club   Penny Jesse
  Day 5 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - Look at all the great things Millhome Supper Club has going on this spring. Specials for St. Patricks's Day all during March, German Night, Sat. March 29, Dueling Pianos April 12 and a Wedding Expo March 22. Dueling Pianos is an awesome show and German Night is a really fun time if you like to polka. Check them out and the latest menus on their website -   Day 5 of #40postsoflent - One woman - 3 businesses. You really have to check out Penny's websites to understand what she has going on. Cleaning service, entertainer, and photographer. Start with http://pennyjesse.com and you'll find the other links from there.

6 Paceline Construction   Rosetti's at Turner Hall
  Day 6 of #40daysoflent - Paceline Construction LLC does amazing carpentry and construction work. Anthony Schwaller has been doing construction work for 20 years (he really doesn't look old enough) and has owned Paceline construction for nearly 10 years. He has a great track record of happy customers who continue to refer him to others. Referral business is the best kind! Now is the time to contact Tony for summer projects. Visit the Paceline website   Day 6 of #40daysoflent brings us to Rosetti's at Turner Hall. There is a Plymouth Chamber Business Connections tonight so it's a good day to post for them. Turner Hall has been around Plymouth for a long, long time. And now Jim and family have put their twist on the place with fantastic results. Great food! Great entertainment! If you haven't stopped in for a while, now is the time. Watch their Facebook page for upcoming entertainment and specials. And if you're a Plymouth Chamber member, I'll see you there tonight!

7 Wind Mill Slatwall Products (mobile website)   Shawn Rice, Rice Law Office
  Day 7 of #40postsoflent - I made a mobile website for Wind Mill Slatwall Products last summer. I really give Mark Hunt credit for his vision. He could see the need for a mobile site long before many even understand what a mobile site is. Way to go Mark!   Day 7 #40postsoflent - I've known Shawn G. Rice of Rice Business Law, LLC for several years. We worked together on the Milestones Adult Family Home board for a year. Check out his Facebook page for great information. He often shares articles that are very helpful to business owners.

8 Mt. Calvary Fire Dept   Religious Life Wisconsin
  Day 8 of #40postsoflent – Mt. Calvary Fire Department had a really big job last Saturday. They were called to a fire at St. Lawrence Seminary High School. It turned out to be an all-day event with aide from many area fire departments. The oldest building on campus was a total loss but nearby buildings were saved thanks to the dedication of so many fire fighters. The community pitched in too bringing food to the fire fighters and lending support. It's truly a blessing to be a part of this little part of the world. The Fire Dept. has a thank you page up on their website.   Day 8 - My friend Br. Steven Kropp asked me to like Religious Life Wisconsin last night so of course I did. Interesting page with a lot of info about religious life in Wisconsin. Go over and like it if you want to learn more.

9 The Biz Connection   Al Lautenschlager – Market for Profits
  Day 9 of #40postsoflent - Big news for The Biz Connection today!  The radio show has reached an agreement with the Milwaukee Radio Alliance to begin airing in the Milwaukee market on WZTI-AM 1290. The first show will air Saturday, March 29 at 9 AM. I am a proud supporter of the Biz Connection since before the first show aired in Nov., 2011. I made their website and I continue to update it weekly as well as post on social media sites. We're being heard and seen and it's a lot of fun! Jim Rosetti and Ron Nielsen do a great show each week with super guests and helpful biz tips. If you haven't heard them yet, please tune in. Go to http://bizconnectionwi.com for show schedule and archived recordings.   Day 9 of #40postsoflent - We're excited at The Biz Connection because Al Lautenslager will be on the show tomorrow. Al has been a guest in the past so we know he will again share his amazing knowledge about marketing with our listeners. We're also excited because Al has a new book coming out soon. Anxious to find out what we'll learn from the Guerrilla marketer this time. Check out Al's Facebook page at Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days.

10 Veritas Financial   EcoManity
  Day 10 of #40postsoflent - Margaret Wittkopp and her team at  Veritas Financial Services are planning a trip to the Investor Symposium in Cincinnati - July 31 - Aug. 2. If you want more information, check out their FB page or website http://veritasinvesting.com and give them a call.   Day 10 of #40postsoflent brings us to EcoManity, LLC, a consulting firm in Elkhart Lake owned by Brian Schwaller. EcoManity offers business, government and homeowners renewable energy and energy efficiency savings and solutions. Brian is a hard worker with a passion for business; a true entrepreneur who owns and manages 2 businesses. I would post on the Schwaller's Painting Facebook page if I could find it. Brian - when will we see that? Check out the EcoManity FB page and website for more info.

11 Louise Mann Piano Studio   Allechant Boutique
  Day 11 of #40postsoflent – Louise Mann is an amazing piano teacher with 20 years experience teaching. Check out her recently redesigned website for more information about her classes and offerings.  http://louisemannpiano.com.   Day 11 of #40postsoflent – We're stopping by Allechant Boutique in downtown Plymouth. At Allechant you will find a truly amazing assortment of clothes, jewelry, etc. It's hard to describe. You really must experience it for yourself. Like their Facebook page and stop in the store today.

12 Julie's Country Confections   52 Stafford
  Day 12 of #40postsoflent - Really yummy, homemade fudge, kettle corn, candy, and various flavors of popcorn is what you'll find at Julies Country Confections at Parkview General Store. Julie's also goes on the road to fairs and events throughout Wisconsin. Watch for them in your neighborhood & check out their website -   Day 12 of #40postsoflent - What a great day to stop 52 Stafford in Plymouth. See their post from yesterday about taping Around the Corner with John McGivern. You'll find everything Irish at 52 Stafford. Check out their website at http://52stafford.com. (OK - I admit I messed up. I should have posted here yesterday on St. Patrick's Day.)

13 Parker John's BBQ & Pizza   Jerry Baltus – Baltus Group
  Day 13 of #40postsoflent - Really great food and awesome atmosphere at Parker John's BBQ & Pizza in Kiel. Check out the $5 coupon on the FB page or come in Fridays during lent for all you can eat catfish! You can really get a feel for PJ's from their awesome website.   Day 13 of #40postsoflent - Not sure if you're heading in the right direction with your business? Struggling to find new customers? Maybe it's time to give Jerry Baltus at Baltus Group, LLC a call. Jerry is an amazing business coach. He can get your business on track in no time. There's no reason to go it alone. If you're wondering if things could be better in your business, they probably could be. Jerry will help you find 'better'! 

14 CYA Insurance   Insurance Solutions
  Day 14 of #40postsoflent - Happy SPRING! Today I'm stopping by CYA Insurance Agency LLC to say hello to April Tarras, a good friend and excellent insurance agent. I'd recommend April to anyone for their home and auto insurance needs. Check out her website and give her a call if you have questions.   Day 14 of #40postsoflent - Happy SPRING! If it's health insurance you need help with, then you'll want to get in touch with Dorcas George and Paulette Ruminski at Insurance Solutions in Plymouth. They have been helping me with our health insurance for the last few years and they do a great job. With all this uncertainty with health insurance, you really need someone who is keeping up on it all. Check out their website and give them a call.

15 Aviation Heritage Center of WI   IQ Print Media
  Day 15 of #40postsoflent - You have to check out the Facebook page for Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin. Make sure you LIKE the page and check out the Hmong Restoration Exhibit photo gallery. It's very interesting and educational. Then check out their website (it's beautiful with so many photos)   Day 15 of #40postsoflent - Stopping by IQ Print Media to say Hi to Dustin Turicik who will be guest on The Biz Connection tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow morning at 8a.m. to learn more about Dustin and his brother Zack and their business.

16 D. R. Kohlman   Home Farm and Garden
  Day 16 of #40postsoflent - I'm stopping D.R. Kohlman, Inc. in St. Cloud. Currently owned and operated by Doug Kohlman, the business has been family owned since 1913. As their website says, they are the heating and cooling experts with home town values. Check out their website   Day 16 of #40postsoflent - We're traveling out of Wisconsin for this post today. This page is from my Facebook friend Trish Nichols in Ohio. She has great info on her page Home Farm and Garden and I can't resist any page or website with chickens.

17 Thistlefield Books - Authors Lisa & Belden Paulson   Chiro Health - Dr. Cindy Munson
  Day 17 of #40postsoflent - I'm stopping by the personal profiles of Lisa Paulson & Belden Paulson. Lisa & Belden are local authors who have published several books. Their true stories are amazing and so very interesting. Keep in mind both Lisa and Bel are in their 80s. That means they have a lot of life history to share with the world and we are very lucky they have shared their stories with all of us for. Check out their website. You will find excerpts of their books & ordering info.   Day 17 of #40postsoflent - Check out Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center's Facebook page. They always have great info about chiropractic and health. I've been going to Dr. Cindy Munson over 10 years. It's been so long I can't remember. I sent my husband and kids there too. I obviously have a lot of confidence in her and the care I get at Chiro-Health. The staff is awesome too!

18 Cardinal Environmental   Cooking in the Raw
  Day 18 of #40postsoflent - I redesigned the website for Cardinal Environmental, Inc. last year. Cardinal is an environmental testing laboratory, and consulting firm in Sheboygan. They serve communities and businesses all over the country but primarily in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Check out their website   Day 18 of #40postsoflent - A shout out today for Shel Kidd of Cooking In The Raw Magazine. Along with his magazine, Shel does a live cooking show. In his latest episode he makes a non-meat meal, perfect for Lent and perfect for my Lent theme of posts. You can find his show on http://cookingintheraw.net. He also has another business - Vino Discoveries - http://vinodiscoveries.com

19 Good for You Vending   Camp Anokijig
  Day 19 of #40postsoflent - I made the website for Ray Ramos and Good For You Vending last summer. This is such a great idea. Healthy snacks at schools or your office and a way to raise funds as well. Check out their website.   Day 19 of #40postsoflent - Camping out at Camp Anokijig today! Summer 2014 registration is now open! I never went to Camp but I've heard some great stories and it sure looks like a fun place. Check out their website for registration info. You can also find lots of information on their Facebook page and some great videos on YouTube.

20 Schwaller's Painting and Staining   Sun Graphics Printing
  Day 20 of #40postsoflent - Halfway through Lent already. That means I'm on post 39 and 40 today. I'm stopping by Brian Schwaller today because his Schwaller's Painting and Staining website was one of the first I made when I got serious about my business and it is still one of my favorites because of the colors and graphics. You need to check it out and contact Brian about his painting and staining services. They do a great job!   Day 20 of #40postsoflent - Halfway through Lent already. That means I'm on post 39 and 40 today. I'm stopping by Sun Graphics in Plymouth.  Terry and Mary Kay Evans have operated Sun Graphics Printing for many years. They have a great, thriving business because they do quality work and really care about their customers. Check out their Facebook page and their website.

21 Pros 4 Technology   The New School of Massage Therapy
  It's quite obvious my good friend Bill Prusow doesn't use his FB profile too often and he doesn't have a business page (shame shame!) but I'm stopping by anyway on Day 21 of #40postsoflent. Bill, we really need to get you up to speed promoting your biz with social media. So you'll just have to check out Bill's website which is very nice, if I do say so myself. Bill is my go-to guy for anything computer tech support if I can't figure it out myself. He's awesome to work with and really knows computers and networking and all that really geeky stuff.   Day 21 of #40postsoflent - I'm stopping by N.E.W. School of Massage Therapy in Waldo, WI. Ramona Trudeau has done a great job building her business and turning out quality massage therapists. What a great idea to turn the old school building in Waldo into a massage school. See their website for more info -

22 Dave Zelm Prestige Builders   DeO'Malley's Pizza Pub
  Day 22 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - It's FINALLY warming up here. We knew it had to at some point. It's a great time to contact your local builder like >Dave Zelm of Dave Zelm Prestige Builders for that outdoor building or remodeling project. Go to Dave's website to see some of the gorgeous work he has completed over the years.   Day 22 of #40postsoflent - Stopping by DeO'Malley's Pizza Pub. They do a great job with their Facebook page - always posting about things going on at their place or around town. Stop in for pizza one of these days. And Like and Share this post.

23 Meeting Planner Supplies   Randy Meyer - Mayor Sheboygan Falls
  Day 23 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ – I'm stopping by husband and wife team Randy and Tammy Meyer. I created Tammy's website for Meeting Planner Supplies several years ago. Check it out and when you're in need of supplies for that next big meeting you're planning, give her a call. She serves customers nationwide.   Day 23 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ – Tomorrow is Spring Election day in Wisconsin. My good friend Randy Meyer is again running for Mayor of the City of Sheboygan Falls. Randy is a very impressive guy who really cares about the city he and his wife Tammy grew up in. Randy has been blind since he was a toddler but that doesn't slow him down! He's been an inspiration to me as well as many others. For all of you in the City of Sheboygan Falls check out Randy's Facebook profile and his blog.

24 Mannhardt Ice and K/P Welding, Inc.   Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness
  Day 24 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - We have so many diverse businesses in Sheboygan County. I've been fortunate to work with many, such as Mannhardt Ice and their parent company K/P Welding and Fabricating, Inc. in Sheboygan. Mannhardt manufactures huge ice machines like those found in big restaurants. Check out their websites.   Day 24 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - From industrial ice machines and metal fabrication to yoga and wellness - what a contrast! I'm excited to stop by Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness, owned by my friend and soon to be client Elise Edmonds Cantrell. Elise and I will soon be working on a new website for her book 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. Check out her Facebook pages for more info, recipes, class schedules, and more!

25 Plymouth Chamber of Commerce (mobile website)   Willow Wood Acres Garden Center & Landscape
  Day 25 of #40postsoflent takes me to Plymouth, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. I made the mobile website for the Chamber last summer before the Mural Festival. Funding for the mobile site was included in a grant gained through the State by our Chamber director Mary Martin. We'll miss you Mary. Best of luck to you and your family as you take on this new adventure in Colorado.   I'm beginning to think spring so for Day 25 of #40postsoflent I'm stopping by Willow Wood Acres Garden Center and Landscape Supplies. I'm really hoping the raspberry plants I bought here last year will give me lots of yummy berries this year. I'm so anxious to get out in my garden again but right now I'm just hoping I don't see snow on it again!

26 Integrated Home Systems   Nett Insurance Agency
  Day 26 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - The days are going by so fast, I have to check to see what day I'm on. Today we're heading out of Sheboygan County to Integrated Home Systems of Wisconsin, LLC in Menomonee Falls. They install audio/video systems in homes and offices. Check out their website which I made several years ago. The black background and white text work for them, but not for most sites.   On Day 26 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ I'm stopping by Nett Insurance owned by Mitch and April Tarras. There will be a ribbon cutting at their office at noon today. Stop in and welcome them if you're in the area.

27 Road America (non-client)   Sheboygan County Home Builders - Home Expo
  I'm mixing it up a bit on Day 27 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬; stopping by 2 non-clients. 1st stop is Road America because Mike Kertscher is the guest on The Biz Connection tomorrow. Mike will discuss the various businesses, including motorsports, that attract visitors to Road America. Check out the Biz Connection website for more details. http://bizconnectionwi.com   Stop number 2 on Day 27 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ is at Sheboygan County Home Builders Association because today is opening day of the Home Expo in Sheboygan. 4-8pm today and 10-4 Sat. and Sun. If you're considering home remodeling or construction, this is a great place to talk to contractors and gather ideas.

28 Classic Pumps   Quit Qui Oc Golf Club
  Day 28 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - I've been waiting for it to warm up to post about Classic Pumps. I made the website for Walt Stagner several years ago and it's still one of my favorites. Perhaps it's because I love pink. If you like pretty pumps, check out their Facebook page and website. You'll find reasonably priced, long-lasting, leather pumps in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes!   Day 28 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - It's finally feeling like spring around these parts so today is a good day to stop by Quit Qui Oc Golf Club. I'm sure all you golfers out there are really ready for golf season. Watch for specials on QQO's Facebook page and website. Hoping we have a great summer for golf - just right temps and few mosquitoes!

29 Margaret Potratz - Shaklee   Better Life Chiropractic & Wellness
  I'm stopping by my sister's profile to say I got my Shaklee Basic H last Saturday. I mixed up a 16 oz. spray bottle with 3 drops (yes - only 3 drops of Basic H) and used it to clean off the glass on our pellet stove. It worked great! We usually use a really smelly, nasty (full of chemicals) spray that is made specifically to get all that grime off. I usually end up coughing from the fumes. I was amazed when the light mixture of Basic H actually did a better job than that nasty stuff. Yippee! Time to get rid of the smelly stuff. Contact Margaret 'Peg' Potratz for more info about Shaklee and their awesome cleaning products. They also have a great supplement line.   Stopped by another healthy place on Day 29 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬. Today I'm at Better Life Chiropractic and Wellness with Dr. John Reitz. Good health begins with the spine. If you haven't learned that yet, you better talk to Dr. John soon. Check out his Facebook page and give him a call.

30 Classic Comfort Sandals   Lake Street Cafe
  Day 30 of #40postsoflent - Now that it's feeling like spring in Wisconsin I'm getting anxious to wear my Classic Comfort Sandals. When I stepped into these sandals, I knew immediately they were unlike any others I've ever owned. But when I wore them a while and stood in them for an extended period, I truly began to understand the comfort. They fit and contour to my feet perfectly! The red ones are so pretty but I love multi because I can wear them with so many colors. No worries about size ordering online. Just choose your normal size. They will fit. I'd recommend these sandals to anyone. As the website says 'thank your feet by slipping on a pair' - that says it all! Make sure you check out their website and order a pair today. You won't be disappointed. Day 30 of #40postsoflent takes me to LAKE STREET CAFE in Elkhart Lake. Excellent food and both casual and formal dining await you at Lake Street Cafe. They also have an extensive wine list so stop in for a fine dinner, a light lunch or simply a drink at the bar and enjoy.

31 Idlewile Supper Club Cain's Bridal Wreath
  I just finished the website for Idlewile Supper Club in St. Cloud so it will be my post for Day 31 of #40postsoflent. Great food and atmosphere for anyone who'd like to take the short drive out to St. Cloud. We also have gift certificates for purchase on the website. They make a great gift. Check out their website. Day 31 of #40postsoflent - I'm at Cain's Bridal Wreath thinking it's so nice to be warming up and thinking about pretty flowers for weddings and proms and graduations. Give the staff at Cain's a call. They do a fabulous job with flower arrangements.

32 Action Extreme Power Sports Silverwater Productions
 Day 32 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ takes me to Action Extreme Power Sports. You will like their store if you're into things on wheels that go really fast like I'm NOT. I'll stick to my slow-moving bike which requires me to pedal. They repair all those fast moving machines too. Check out their website and their new location on County Road M, east of Plymouth. On Day 32 of #40postsoflent I'm visiting my friends Matt Kaczkowski and JJ Burkarti at SilverWater Productions. These guys do an amazing job with video and they have fun. They do a little acting (or at least try) and you can tell they love their work. It shows in every video/movie/commercial they do.

33 Sweet Basil Restaurant 3 Guys and a Grill and 3 Guys and a Pizza Pie
 On Day 33 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ I'm at Sweet Basil Restaurant. They really need a little help with their Facebook page but they have an awesome website! We just added a bunch of new photos to the website. Make sure you check out the patio photos and the yummy food. Fine dining in Plymouth, Wisconsin! Day 33 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ brings me to Three Guys and a Pizza Pie. Owner Scott McMurray will be the guest on The Biz Connection tomorrow. Be sure to tune in to learn how Scott owns and operates 2 businesses - 3 Guys and a Grill and 3 Guys and a Pizza Pie. Great food. Great atmosphere.

34 Westward Consulting Wet Planet Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking
  My 2nd post on Day 34 of #40postsoflent is a contrast in emotions from my 1st post today. My 2nd daughter Andrea just announced her engagement to Aaron Morris. We are very happy for them and excited about an upcoming wedding. Late last year Andrea decided she'd start her own business so today I will help her celebrate her engagement and her business. Check out her website http://westwardconsult.com On Day 34 of #40postsoflent I want to send love and support to the Wet Planet Whitewater Center family while they mourn the loss and celebrate the life of their wonderful friend and rafting guide Curt Joyce. I learned of Curt's sudden death from my daughter Leah who is part of the Wet Planet family. My heart has been aching for Curt's wife Melissa and their families since Leah told me the tragic news 3 weeks ago. Today family and friends, some normally hundreds of miles apart, will come together to support Melissa. This post is my way to send my heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

35 Greenbush Ski Club Miller Equipment
 Day 35 of #40postsoflent - I'm stopping by the Nordic Heaven Greenbush USA (Northern Kettle Moraine Nordic...'s page to ask you guys to stop praying for snow! I know you love it but it's April 14. The Greenbush Ski Club puts in a lot of time on their trails each winter and they take great pride in the trails in the Kettle Moraine. Check out their website for more info about the club. http://greenbushusa.com Day 35 of #40postsoflent takes me to St. Nazianz and Miller Sprayers where my son Tony is a test engineer. He really enjoys his job and the people at Miller. In 2012 Miller was creating new marketing materials to promote their NITRO 5000 series sprayers. They came out to our farm to take several photos which are now featured in their brochures, on their website, and in magazines seen worldwide. Notice the cover photo above - that is one of the pictures taken on our farm. We have famous corn!

36 Greenbush Fire Department Enchanted Florals of Elkhart Lake
 Day 36 of #40postsoflent - I'm at the Greenbush Fire Department. The website is a work-in-progress but it's worth checking out. Don't forget to come out this summer to support the fire fighters at their annual picnic and auction - June 21 & 22. They work so hard to organize this event which helps them purchase new equipment w/o further burden to taxpayers. Day 36 of ‪#‎40postsoflent‬ - I'm at Enchanted Florals of Elkhart Lake, LLC owned and operated by Craig and Mary Forstner. With snow on the ground again this morning, I'm wondering if spring will every get here. It's a great day to stop by a place that has pretty flower arrangements all year long. Whatever your needs - wedding, prom, Mother's Day - give them a call.

37 Lakeview Landscape & Design Get Dinner on the Table
 Day 37 of #40postsoflent - I know we are back to winter in Wisconsin but if you got spring fever last week and need help with your landscaping or any type of yard work, give Tim Schweitzer at Lakeview Landscape & Design. You want to get on their list now because you know they will be super busy as soon as spring decides to stick around. Make sure you check out the bottom photo on their website - it's really cool! My 2nd stop on Day 37 is at Christa Wilson's Get Dinner on the Table LLC. Christa has turned her love for cooking into a great business. She will come to your home and cook several meals so you can concentrate on your family and still have a healthy, filling meal to put on the table. She has package deals available on her website.

38 CORSPAN - Corporate Speech Pathology Network Pourvino Wine Bar
  Day 38 of #40postsoflent - CORSPAN is a great non-profit organization for Speech Pathologists. Founded by Katie Schwartz, CORSPAN connects speech pathologists with their peers and potential clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide. They also mentor new pathologists and share information on their website. On Day 38 of #40postsoflent I'm stopping at one of the newest businesses in Plymouth - Pourvino Wine Bar. There will be a ribbon cutting at 5:00 today with Plymouth, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center at Pourvino. I'm planning on stopping in to wish Frank and Sally Maydak luck with their new biz.

39 Exotic Tans and Spa Olivu 426
  Day 39 of #40postsoflent - I saved Exotic Tans and Spa featuring Salon Connection until the end because we are working on a new website for the salon. It's not quite done yet so you'll have to check back soon. In the mean time, check out the current Exotic website. They offer all typical salon services as well as tanning, massage, and ear candling. Owner Shelly Schmitt has put together a great business. She's always trying new things to improve her business and serve her customers better. Day 39 of #40postsoflent - It's not too late - stop in at Olivü 426 - Sheboygan Store for those last minute Easter gifts. If you haven't been into the Olivu store yet, you really need to stop in soon and check out their awesome products. Or check online at http://olivu426.com. Owner Caitlin Brotz-McNitt continues to come up with new products to make her customers' lives better.

40 Milestones Family Home RCS Empowers
  Day 40 of #40postsoflent - I made it - 2 posts per day for 40 days! For post number 80, I'm at a place that is very special to me - Milestones Adult Family Home. I feel very blessed to have met Kelly Jordan and I thank Randy Schwoerer for asking me to become involved with Milestones. I now serve on the Milestones board with other amazing souls. Please take a moment to go to the Milestones website, read Kelly's story and check out the photos. Donations are always welcome. The amazing residents at Milestones remind me every day to count my blessings. I wish the same for all of you. On this day before Easter, remember to count your blessings and be happy. #promotelocalbiz #websbywagner Day 40 of #40postsoflent - I'm at RCS Empowers in Sheboygan. RCS serves Sheboygan County residents with disabilities and special needs. RCS serves over 800 families annually. They provide production services to over 60 businesses and provide employees to over 100 local companies. My sister-in-law is one of the people RCS serves and places as an employee. She loves to go to school at RCS and loves the job they have found for her.

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