Social Media's Impact on Training & Education

Yesterday I attended Social Media’s Impact on Training & Education sponsored by Milwaukee Education & Training Organization held at the Manpower Offices in downtown Milwaukee.

As I’m not a daily driver in downtown Milwaukee and I usually get a bit nervous when I must deal with city driving, I was grateful for the last minute email with driving and parking instructions. I did miss my turn because I happened to be driving east at the worst moment when the sun was not my friend and because city street signs are a bit hard to find and read in that area. But I got myself back on track easy enough and parking was a breeze.

The pleasant experience continued when I was greeted at the door with a warm welcome (Wow!) and lasted throughout the morning. My only complaint about the whole event was that it didn’t last long enough and I had to choose between various sessions. I could have easily continued into the afternoon and atttended all the sessions, however it was nice to drive back out of Milwaukee while traffic was light.

The whole event was well organized with top-notch speakers and I feel my time was very well spent.

Thanks to everyone who organized the event and the speakers and host. Also thanks to John Rogers at Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce for sending me information.

As the name suggests, the seminar was geared toward trainers and many attendees were from larger companies who will be training co-workers on social media. That worked out perfectly for me because I am teaching small business people.

I was hoping for an event that would go beyond some of the social media topics covered in previous seminars and webinars I’ve attended and I was not disappointed. To top it all off, I met some great people! So I’m very glad I ventured into the big city for a day. :-)

Written by Laura on September 16, 2010

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